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Blackboard entry by katrien reist

A Creative Pool project by katrien reist

04.11. 04.12 DADDY BUY ME A PONY - Peet Pienaar/Heidi Chisholm «How to avoid corner corner love and win good love from girls» Exhibition curated by Katrien Reist PROGR_Zentrum für Kulturproduktion, Berne, Switzerland The work of the Cape Town based studio «Daddy buy me a pony» comes up with an amazing quantity of ideas, plucked from all kinds of art forms and put together in wild and wonderful ways: whether as the creator and editor of «AFRO», engaged campaign designer for the «missing people-bureau», the creator of a photo love story «Playing with fire» or as textile designer for Comme des Garçons. AFRO is a pan-african magazine that focus’s on beautiful writing poetery and imagery from across the continent. The world knows of africa’s wars famines and diseases, but what does it know what is being lost as a result? What happens in africa’s quieter moments, in it’s art, in the treasured time of it’s residents. AFRO is made by Africans living and working in Africa for Africans living and working in Africa, so we might know of each other. For more material: PROGR_Zentrum für Kulturproduktion Waisenhausplatz 30 | 3011 Bern | Opening hours: Wed-Sun 2 – 5 pm