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Blackboard entry by Koshiru Toriso

A Creative Pool project by Koshiru Toriso

Hello everyone, Here is my new work you may want to check out! 1. New music Video for Laser boy I made an Flash music video for my friend Laser boy. They are releasing their debut album "Sizuoka Sity" soon. the Song "Kankaku Ninngenn" is one of the song from the album. I think this is a good collaboration that the sound and graphic mixing together well. To view the video please check out the link below: 2. Fugeki to Miko Group Exhibition 05 - 10 October 2005 @Uplink Gallery Tokyo We had a Group Exhibition in the small gallery in Shibuya. I worked on the traditional medium this time. Sumi Ink, watercolor, Acrylics and more stuff I mixed together on the paper. It was fun! and glad to see a lot of good friends in the gallery. Thank you all! here are some photos from the exhibition: That's all for today folks. Have a good day! Koshiro TORISU